Terms & Conditions Zaiuto Package (Delhi/NCR)

General Terms

  1. The package is valid for Delhi/NCR only.
  2. The package is ONLY applicable for ONLINE (APP & WEB) requests.
  3. You can avail 4 services including one towing of 5 kms in a span of one year.
  4. One membership is valid for upto 3 cars. A valid RC has be to submitted while registration to Zaiuto for taking the service for that car.
  5. The package is valid for Hatchback, Sedan & SUVs cars. Luxury car segments are not covered in this package.
  6. The package will be activated within 8 hours after the payment has been made by the customer. The package details will be sent to the customer via email & Zaiuto App.
  7. Roadside Assistance services are only for the vehicle and not for the person.
  8. This RSA package is applicable to the ‘covered vehicle(s)’ (registered in mobile app) for a period of 1 year from the date of activation.
  9. The ‘Covered Vehicles’ here on defined as the vehicles should be registered on the customer name or in the name of immediate dependents.
  10. This RSA package is applicable for vehicles that are less than 15 years old.
  11. A service request will be counted as a valid request unless it is cancelled within 10 minutes after placing the request by the customer.
  12. Roadside Assistance is available within the city limit of Delhi/NCR. Outskirts are not included.
  13. Zaiuto Tech Pvt. Ltd. will try and ensure to provide service within the stipulated time of 30 minutes; however the company is not responsible for any delay caused by conditions beyond the control of company like traffic jams, riots, road block, route diversions, rain, any natural calamities, rallies, etc.
  14. Zaiuto will only provide requested services, on-road to their customers. If a customer avails any extended service from the workshop or technician or takes his/her car to the workshop, Zaiuto will not be held responsible for such services.
  15. Deals and discounts are offered by garages and other partners on their own for the promotion of their respective brands. Zaiuto Tech Pvt. Ltd. or Zaiuto does not guarantee the quality of service and is not responsible for any claims and/ or damages that could arise, if any, from availing these offers and deals.
  16. It is mandatory for the customer to produce the membership details to avail the roadside assistance services. If the vehicle is repairable on road, towing/dropping will not be provided. Towing shall be provided to the nearest service station by our Service provider only to those vehicles which are easily towable at additional cost beyond 5 Kms from the actual site.
  17. In case of misuse of services, non-payment of services charges, misbehavior, Roadside Assistance services shall/can be cancelled/stopped without any prior notice. The company reserves the right to do so without prior intimation.
  18. The company shall not be liable for any claims/refunds whatsoever. Rarest claims in extreme cases if any shall not exceed the residual value on per day prorate basis of registration period of the services fees paid by the customer. The damages and claim if any shall not be more than the amount paid by the client.
  19. Roadside Assistance services usage i.e., number of available service and tenure i.e., validity is subject to the service package subscribed by the customer.
  20. The customer or his representative will have no claim against the company or its representative either civil, financial or criminal in nature pursuant to this RSA service in respect of death or injury of the customer or any other person or loss or damage to any other property caused by or due to equipment failure, negligence, breakdown, accident or fire on utilization of services during the validity of helpline services or at such time while the vehicle is under the process of repairs carried out by the company's representatives.
  21. No exchange of package with another person and offer is allowed.
  22. All disputes subject to jurisdiction of Delhi only.
  23. Spare parts charges are extra to be borne by customer
  24. Services can be refused on account of misrepresentation, malicious intent, abusive behaviour or refusal to adhere to T&C.
  25. Company is authorized to add or change any or all the terms and conditions at its own discretion at any time without prior intimation.

Fees & charges

  1. Tubeless puncture will be repaired at a cost of Rs 100/per puncture. For tube type the repair services shall be provided at actual cost.
  2. Towing after 5 Kms will be chargeable as per applicable rates.
  3. All inter-city/state taxes levied by the government on towing services will be borne by the customers as per the actuals.
  4. Fuel up-to 5 litres at actual cost will be provided under the case of emergency. Fuel rate is subject to the rate of fuel in the respective city and availability. CNG and other gases/octane fuel is not provided under this service agreement.

Exclusions of Services

  1. Assistance does not cover animals carried in the vehicle.
  2. The vehicle is deemed to be running out of manufacturer guidelines
  3. In case there is deliberate damage to the vehicle due to riots, criminal offence, public damages etc.
  4. The membership is Non-Active /Non–Registered/ Expired
  5. If there is a major repair including engine transmission, transaxles, drive axle/differential assembly, auto body, paint moulding repair, any repairs involving replacement or removal of internally lubricated parts, clutch replacement, other major repairs.
  6. Any vehicle involved in or liable to be involved in a legal case prior to or post immobilisation
  7. An assistance for Towing request for a vehicle that lacks documentation