About Zaiuto

At Zaiuto, we have a fleet of trusted car workshops who have partnered with us to provide on-demand support across Delhi/NCR, Jaipur, Bengaluru, Mumbai & Pune to service requests raised by car drivers. Our on-demand RSA service is just the stepping stone as we aspire to move up the value chain by offering all car care services across key cities in India, becoming a one-stop car care app for brands & customers.

The idea of Zaiuto was born on one of those evenings, when we had a car breakdown and ended up being on the road through the night. Since then, we had this vision to help car drivers directly communicate with a pool of trained mechanics anytime, anywhere. Unlike annual subscription packages with most RSAs, our customers only pay us when they avail a service request. We are on the quest to create an extensive network of trained workshop partners who will be delivering exceptional service quality to our customers. Zaiuto is incubated under Autonebula, a Pune based connected transport accelerator. To sign-up as a partner, visit here.

Available for download on Android smartphones.